Shelving: NSF Chrome Wire

NSF Chrome Wire Shelving Heavy Duty Metal Wire Rack Shelving Height Adjustable Commercial Grade Large Storage Shelves

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE】: The wire shelving unit is easy to assemble,No tools required to assemble it.The metal shelf is simple to assemble,You only need to spend 15 minutes to install it.wire shelving unit storage shelves metal shelf.
  • LARGE STORAGE】: The wire shelving unit have a lot of room for storage,This metal shelf provide an enormous amount of space and strong shelves.The storage shelves doesn’t occupy too much space,but it can create more additional space. wire shelving unit metal shelf storage shelves.
  • STURDY】: The storage shelves can take a lot of weight. The wire shelving unit use durable steel construction,and to resist dirt buildup and corrosion.The metal shelf is very sturdy with middle support metal bar.Maximum weight capacity per shelf is 600lbs when equally distributed on feet levelers.Maximum entire unit weight capacity is 600lbs when equally distributed on shelves wire shelving unit metal shelf.
  • ADJUSTABLE WIRE SHELF】: You can adjust the height of the storage shelves according to the size of the item.The spacing of each layer of this metal shelf can be adjusted.Shelves of the wire shelving unit are adjustable height at 1″ shelves metal shelf wire shelving unit.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL】: This metal shelf is suitable for a wide range of applications.You can use this storage shelves in a variety of places, such as the bathroom kitchen garage.Tools, books,clothes,bag and other things can be placed on this wire shelving unit.metal shelf storage shelves wire shelving unit.


  • You can choose your own shelving level
  • All shelving come with plastic sleeves
  • Posts, Wheels, hooks, post cap are selling separately 
CH14x1414″x14″1 $11.50
CH14x2414″x24″1 $12.50
CH14x3014″x30″1 $13.25
CH14x3614″x36″1 $14.50
CH14x4214″x42″1 $16.25
CH14x4814″x48″1 $17.50
CH14x5414″x54″1 $20.25
CH14x6014″x60″1 $21.00
CH14x7214″x72″1 $24.25
CH18x1818″x18″1 $13.50
CH18x2418″x24″1 $14.25
CH18x3018″x30″1 $14.75
CH18x3618″x36″1 $17.50
CH18x4218″x42″1 $19.00
CH18x4818″x48″1 $21.50
CH18x5418″x54″1 $24.00
CH18x6018″x60″1 $24.50
CH18x7218″x72″1 $28.70
CH21x2421″x24″1 $17.80
CH21x3021″x30″1 $19.50
CH21x3621″x36″1 $20.25
CH21x4221″x42″1 $23.50
CH21x4821″x48″1 $24.25
CH21x5421″x54″1 $29.30
CH21x6021″x60″1 $29.75
CH21x7221″x72″1 $40.00
CH24x2424″x24″1 $17.80
CH24x3024″x30″1 $19.50
CH24x3624″x36″1 $20.25
CH24x4224″x42″1 $23.50
CH24x4824″x48″1 $24.25
CH24x5424″x54″1 $29.30
CH24x6024″x60″1 $29.75
GE24x7224″x72″1 $40.00

Chrome Post For Wire Shelving

CHP-77″1 $7.00
CHP-1414″1 $7.00
CHP-2424″1 $7.00
CHP-3333″1 $7.00
CHP-5454″1 $8.00
CHP-6363″1 $9.00
CHP-7474″1 $10.00
CHP-8686″1 $11.00