Pot Rack Powder Coated White Wall Mounted

KCS-GW-2424″x (12″,6″)x12″ $160.00
KCS-GW-3636″x (12″,6″)x12″ $180.00
KCS-GW-4848″x (12″,6″)x12″ $195.00
KCS-GW-6060″x (12″,6″)x12″ $210.00
KCS-GW-72 72″x (12″,6″)x12″ $220.00

This steel powder coated wall mounted commercial stainless steel double line pot rack allows you to store more pots, pans, and utensils within easy reach. The rack attaches directly to your wall, allowing you to utilize the vertical storage space in your kitchen. It’s perfect for adding storage over your food prep area or work table.

  • 18″ Gauge 2″ Steel Bar
  • Powder coated steel could prevent rusting
  • Double Bar with top bar 12″ off from the wall, lower bar 6″ off from the wall
  • 18 pcs Hardware Hook is included